Dad Quest Father's Day Event Revealed


We're excited to finally be able to reveal Dad Quest Chapter 2, which will arrive as a free update to all Early Access Dad Quest owners on 22nd May 2018.

Take a look at the brand new trailer here:

Chapter 2 continues the Dad Quest story, adding 2+ hours of new content, but also brings with it new abilities, revamped visuals, side quests and much more.

• 2 hours+ of new content following the narrative of the player taking on the Dad Quest
• Dress up your child in brand new cosmetic outfits from top hats to gladiator armour
• 7+ Side Quests have been added! Feed eggs to hungry children, converse with the trash king and pay your taxes!
• New toys to equip to your child, from Rubber Bands to toy cars which give your child special properties when attacking enemies.
• New music
• New Dads to interact with that will share lore, fix items and offer side quests
• New Dad skills to learn
• New skills for your child to learn
• New boss battles
• New enemies
• New environments to explore
• New shops

Father's Day 2018 Massive Sale

With Father's Day coming up soon (on 17th June, to be exact), we couldn't resist the opportunity to run with something a bit special for Dad Quest! On 17th June 2018, Dad Quest will be seeing a massive 60% discount for a limited time, marking the lowest price ever for the game to date.

So make sure to come back then - what better way to spend Father's Day? We look forward to releasing Chapter 2 next week, and seeing you all next month for Father's Day.

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The Dad Quest Team

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