Community Translations

We are always trying to improve our products and one way of doing this is by offering more languages so more people can enjoy our games.

However, tranlsating games into the hundreds of languages out there can be costly so we have to limit ourselves to our main audiences only. We do understand however that people would love to play games in their own language and this is where you may be able to help us. 

We are looking to envolve our community in helping us translate our games, you can do this by downloading the translation files for the game you wish to translate and then submit your translation using the form below. You can submit entire translations and even suggested corrections for any languages we may have already translated.

As an incentive to complete full translations, community members will receive a free t-shirt upon confirmation of a full translaton for a game from our team. We will also be offering other rewards for those who continue to support our products with suggested changes and multiply translation submissions.

Download Enforcer Translation File

Download Better Late Than DEAD Translation File